LFD is a decentralized and fair donation token issued by charitable organizations. Two simple public welfare mechanisms occur in every transaction: Passive income distribution, LP liquidity fund pool.

Let love spread to the world, and life will be equal and prosperous!

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Name token: LuckyFortuneDog
Symbol: LFD
Decimals: 18
Maximum total supply: 1,000,000,000,000 LFD
BEP20 contract address0xdeb1EAF085979A73aB0E85901D786cBa991c2617
Passive income distribution
4% of each transaction is given to all holders as a static reward.
LP liquidity pool
1% of each transaction is automatically locked to increase liquidity of funds.


The following are wallets that support LFD,You must synchronize with the blockchain to use LFD. It synchronizes with the blockchain by "browsing" the blockchain, providing fast synchronization time. LFD tokens are "BSC" tokens. You can synchronize by downloading the wallet, choose any blockchain wallet provided below to download and install it.
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Trust Wallet
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Math Wallet
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LFD-LuckFortuneDog Love 2

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LFD-LuckFortuneDog Love 1

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Our charitable donation activity has started, you can make a donation through the address below to support and promote our charity. Your little kind deeds can convey your love!
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Q3 2021

Protocol Initialized

Complete the construction of media and major marketing channels、establish relationships with non-profit organizations、 expand the team size under the leadership of Gianni Liu, join PancakeSwap for transactions、and build a large-scale charity ecological community
Q4 2021


Incorporate Italy/Milan office、Attend global conferences and become an industry leader in Italy、Initiate LFD exchange、New project designed on blockchain – LFD educational platform for charity purpose
Q1 2022


Educational platform commercialised、LFD joins top crypto exchanges、Hold on-site charitable events、Business development with international charitable organisations
Q2 2022


LFD exchange officially launched、Expand charity projects to a larger scale、Corporate footprint across the world


Where does LFD come from?
The idea of LFD originated from the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused uncountable families to lose their loved ones and many lovely dogs to lose their owners. Amid the catastrophe, a Chinese teenage boy born in Italy constructed a shelter and adopted two stray dogs, naming them Lucky and Fortune. The little boy, Gianni Liu, was born in December 2006, in the Chinese Year of the Dog. Gianni Liu’s father is a public welfare worker at a local charity organization. Affected by his father’s job, Gianni Liu has always been a very optimistic, cheerful kid, keen on helping homeless people and stray animals. He has participated in various charitable activities, including charity sales and volunteering at hospitals. After hearing about his father’s concern for the risks and challenges faced by today’s philanthropy industry, particularly the distrust issue between donors and organisations, Gianni hopes to form a concept model that will make charitable foundations more transparent, faster and more efficient. Gianni told his father: ‘Those who urgently need help are struggling to reach those who are willing to help, especially during the pandemic, where in-person charity events are not possible.’ Therefore, he  launched  the ‘LuckyFortuneDog’ project, named after the two stray dogs that he adopted last year, developing a platform that facilitates the connection between prospective donors and people in need. Gianni condensates the project into his motto: ‘ Wherever love is, there is fortune and prosperity.’
Why 1 trillion of total supply?
Inspired by the business magnate, Mr Musk ‘s statement in April, 2021, Gianni asked his father if there was a chance to send his stray dogs or their offspring to Mars in Mr Musk’s spaceship. He knew that there was very little hope for this dream to come true, like one in a trillion. His father told him to hold on with this faith and to keep working on it, despite the one in a trillion chance.  Thus, he decided to create 1 trillion LFD tokens, representing one in a trillion chance. The boy believes that with a collective effort from all caring people, the world will become a place where everyone can share borderless and endless love.
Source of LuckyFortuneDog (LFD)

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What is LFD?
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